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Tender Form 2018-19


Sr.No Title Action
01 Tendar terms & condition Download
02 Bedding Items Download
03 Daily Use Items Download
04 Game & Sports Download
05 Mess (food grain) Download
06 Stitching Download
07 Vagetable Mess Download
08 Washing and  ironing Download
09 Stationary Itmes Download






Tender Rates Comparative Chart-2017-18


Sr.No Item Action
01 Daily use items Download
02 food grains Download
03 fruits and vegetables Download
04 hair cut Download
05 silai Download
06 sports equipment Download
07 stationary Download
08 washing Download


Tender Forms 2017-18


Sr.No. Items Action
01 Tender Advertisement Download
02 Tender Notice Download
03 Tender Terms&conditions Download     Download     Download
04 Khadya Samagri Download    Download   Download  Download  Download
05 Vegetable Download         Download
06 Washing and Press Download
07 stiching Download
08 Game and Sports

Download           Download   Download

09 Daily use items

Download      Download

10 Stationary Download





Title Items Action
Tender Approve Rates 2016-17 -------


Tender 2016-17



Tender Rates 2015-16 AMC Download
Bedding Download
Daily Use Download
Furniture Download
Game and Sport Download
Stationary Download
Lab Equipment Download
Uniform Download
Vegitables and fruits Download
Washing Download
Mess Download


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